The Big Art Experience

Grand Opening Gala and Premiere Gallery Show at Big Art Church

Art Gallery

Get inspired by our gallery of world-class artwork. Featuring artists including Phil Santos, KMNDZ, William Stout, Juri Koll, Christina Angelina, Shrine On, Hans Walør, John Park, Hans Haveron, Michael Divine, Amanda Sage, Radhika Hersey, Dave Zaboski, Matt Elson, Edith Wadell, Mike Taiyou, Davn Gosha, Daniel Blimes, Christopher Slaymaker, Robert Nelson, Sarah Stieber, Steve Martinez, Michael Christy, Van Saro, and more!


Let the ethereal notes of the Earth Harp and pipe organ sweep you away during the performance part of our event; and groove to the melodies Mark Trance will be spinning all day long.


Come along on a tour of the church and school building. Explore all the classrooms and work spaces, and talk to us about getting a membership to be a part of it.

You're Invited.

Get your free tickets now -- there won't be any available at the door.


Sunday August 2nd, 2015

4975 West Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90027